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Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection

Since 1989, Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection has been providing our clients with quality, value and innovation. Our team of professionals offers a single-source solution for design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of all types of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems and Components and Automatic Fire Alarm Systems.

Our Team (then & Now)

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Jeff Rovegno

Project Development / Estimation

June Rovegno

Accounts Receivable / Payable

James Rovegno

ITM Field Technician

Julianna Deegan

Alarm Manager

Joel Stearn

Project Management / Estimation

Cherae Stefancik

Project Administrator

David Priymak

Design & Project Management

Debra Pierce


Erin Cessna

Payroll / Human Resources / Notary

Sarah Sammon

Billing / Accounting / Notary

Manny Correa

Alarm Foreman

Chelsea Lancaster

ITM – Sprinklers & Alarms Manager

James Kramer

ITM Field Superintendent

Brandon Moore

ITM Pump Superintendent

Josh Keck

ITM Pump Technician

Joe Eiswirth

ITM Field Technician

Eddy Caton

ITM Field Technician

Daniel Kirillov

ITM Field Technician

Brittany Sprinkel

ITM Administration

Samantha Habeeb

ITM – Sprinklers & Alarms

Alyssa Ontiveros


Tim Kramer

Fab Shop Manager

Jeffry Stearn

Shop Technician

Mike Laughlin

Shop Technician

Daryl Galten

Shop Technician

Greg Vetterli

Shop Technician

Devin McGregor

Shop Technician

Chris Lorell

Sr. Job Foreman

Jim Sullivan

Construction Foreman

Taylor Smith

Construction Foreman

Bret Beresford

Construction Foreman

Elijah Grubaugh

Construction Field Technician

Nick Ziganto

Construction Field Technician

Ethan Barnard

Construction Field Technician